Here I am...

I live in Milan and I'm a Tourist Guide. My training has never stopped, I always seek new knowledge, trying to fulfill the needs of each type of traveler: for those who have little time and do not want to lose the best or for those who choose a slower experience, made of stories and flavors, perhaps with the possibility of discovering the surroundings. Sometimes, the desire to visit distant destinations takes me back to traveling, and then I can accompany you across Italy and around the world. For me it is always a new adventure and speaking 4 languages ​​makes everything easier.

We could have met on a beach in Greece... or maybe in Mexico, among the Mayan pyramids... Why not??? Perhaps in Tanzania or in the Swiss Alps. Yes... I've seen so many beautiful places around the world!!! Most for work. Because Bela Vista, where I was born in Brazil, was too small for me.

I always were curious, I always liked to talk to people, to know new worlds: and so, after thinking for a while, I left my job as an accountant and embarked, as if I were living in an old movie, on a cruise ship. I traveled all over the world, but stopped in Italy because I fell in love here: for its colors, its cuisine, but above all, its ART. And then, after having accompanied groups of tourists from all over the world, I now want to welcome you to the city that I chose as my home almost 20 years ago. Milan.

From my country I bring that festive and “carioca” way of entertaining those who travel with me and from Italy, my new home, the love for the beauty of the landscapes, cities and ART.